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The Importance of Fiber in Our Diet.

What types of fiber are there?

Fiber is usually made up of complex carbohydrates, along with other natural compounds and is only contained in plant foods. For this reason, fiber is not found in animal products, including meat, eggs or dairy products.

Very refined foods are usually low or lacking in fiber content. Fiber is necessary for the proper function of our digestive system. A lack of fiber in the “modern” diet has been linked to various diseases, including colon cancer.

There are 2 Types of Fiber :

1) Insoluble fiber.

We can find this type of fiber in the hulls that enclose the seeds of various grains, as well as in other parts of plants, such as twigs. 

Flaxseeds are a source of fiber.

Insoluble fiber serves to stimulate the natural movements of our digestive tract (bowel movements), and to help reduce constipation. However, insoluble fiber is mostly “bulk”, that is, it does not contain any nutrients we can absorb, but helps to make our digestive system work better and eliminate the waste material from our bodies.

Usually, many people who suffer from constipation do not drink enough water nor eat sufficient quantities of fiber in fruits and vegetables. Leading a sedentary lifestyle is also a factor that promotes constipation.

On the other hand, eating large amounts of insoluble fiber during long periods of time may be irritating to the intestine.

2) Soluble fiber.

This type of fiber is the most important type of fiber we can eat and is found in fresh fruits, whole cereals such as oats, and vegetables.

Soluble fiber contains nutrients that can be absorbed and also forms a type of “gel” within our intestines, which serves to lubricate the digestive tract and facilitate bowel movements, helping to get rid of body waste.

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