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Wings and Fries

Foods and Beverages Which Should Be Consumed in Moderation.

Challenge Accepted !

1. Products that contain refined sugar:

  • Some soft drinks or “soda pop” (both dietetic and non-dietetic);

  • Various commercial cereals made from processed grains (corn, wheat, rice, etc.);

  • Candies and other sweets;

  • Some soft drinks prepared from powdered formulas.

2. Products that contain high-fructose corn syrup:

  • Ketchup (Catsup);

  • Candy bars;

  • Some non-dietetic soft drinks;

  • Some commercial breakfast cereals;

  • Some cookies and pastries;

  • Certain types of granola or “high energy” bars.

3. Refined Flour:

  • White bread;

  • Certain types of pasta (non whole - wheat);


  • Cookies and pastries;


  • Processed wheat tortillas;

  • Some commercial breakfast cereals.

4. Saturated fats:

  • Pork lard;

  • Butter;

  • Cream;

  • Processed cheeses (may also contain artificial colors and chemical preservatives);

  • Certain  types of seafood (shrimp can be high in cholesterol, for example).

5. Hydrogenated fats:

  •  Margarines (especially the solid type);

  • Mayonnaise and tartar sauce;

  • Some cookies and pastries;

  • Certain brands of ice cream;

  • Some “instant” soups.

6. Cold meats (also known as “Cold cuts”):

  • Hot dogs (“wieners”);

  • Lunch ham;

  • Sausage;

  • Ham;

  • “Head cheese”;

  • Salami;

  • Pepperoni.

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