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Cynara scolimus

Cabbage Plant

Health Properties

  • Artichokes are  low-calorie vegetables.

  • Contain vitamin C.

  • Good source of folate, a B vitamin.

  • Contain a natural chemical known as “cynarin”, which is claimed to improve liver function and perhaps lower cholesterol (more studies are needed to confirm this).

  • Artichokes can be eaten hot or cold


* Health Tip:

Hollandaise Sauce, salad dressings which may contain saturated fat, and melted butter in large amounts can be harmful for your health. 

Use extra- virgin olive oil and lime or lemon juice on fresh or cooked artichokes instead of high fat sauces or dressings for a healthy and flavorful meal.

* Attention:

Since artichokes belong to the same plant family as ragweed, people allergic to ragweed pollen could also be allergic to artichokes as well. 

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